Load Testing , Inspection & Certification of Lifting equipment and Lifting gears
  • Overview/ Supervision lifting operations at ports/ jetty to maintain safe handling/ use of lifting gears and equipment with proper implementation of safety standard.
  • Training courses regarding risk management, thorough visual inspection of lifting equipment, safe use of lifting gears and other topics related our services.
  • Inspection, Load Testing & MPI to all types of Lifting Equipment e.g Boxes, Containers, Skids, Racks..etc. Beside all types of Lifting Gears e.g Chain hoists, Swivels, Shackles, Hooks …etc.
  • Inspection & Load testing to Slings and chains.
  • Inspection, Load testing & MPI of cranes, Winches, Forklifts, Overhead cranes, Davits, Life Boat …etc.
  • Inspection and Load testing for offshore cranes using water bags.
  • Inspection, Load testing for lifting points using hydraulic system.
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurements.
  • Thorough inspection, load test & MPI to all Rig parts, e.g Mast sections, Crown, Monkey boards, Rig floor, Subbase components and BOP’S crane
    All Pad eyes around, Top drive, Traveling block, Dead line anchor, Air tuggers, Lugs, Sheaves …etc.
  • Socketing pennant wires / Raising lines to all types of spelter sockets using wire lock product.
  • Hydrostatic Test on Tanks & Supervision on pressure testing.
  • Socketing pennant wires to all types of spelter sockets using wire lock and raising lines for drilling rigs.
  • Maintaining data base records for equipment keeping a close eye on due test dates, status, certificate numbers …etc.
  • Capabilities to prepare and submit inspection reports / certificates in proper time.
  • Lifting plan and lifting supervision (coaching) for all lifting operations of lifting equipment.