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About Tetralift

Tetralift Trading & Industry - Petroleum Services Company is established in Egypt year 2004 to work in the field of Load testing, Inspection and Certification of lifting equipment and lifting gears.

At Tetralift we are fully committed to provide our customers with an ever - improving standard of service in our field and cost effectiveness with the support of quality policy.

Tetralift staff (Engineers and Technicians) have a very good proven track with major oil Companies in offshore and onshore facilities all around Egypt - they had gained their experience from practical work since the lifting inspection service commenced in Egypt.

Tetralift :

  • Supply top quality range of lifting & hoisting products.
  • Termination of wire rope slings for sling shop that offers immediate client inquiries.
  • Fabricate offshore containers, boxes, baskets, racks and that in compliance with BS & DNV ... etc and constantly suit customer demands.
Tetralift inspection work is complying with "British / API Standards".
Tetralift is registered in the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).
Tetralift has its international membership in lifting equipment engineers association "LEEA".
Tetralift obtains an international standard ISO 9001 - 2008 certificate.